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 MATCH is a sportive outfit from top till shoes.
All incluse !!! Thats what you want, isnt it?
MATCH comes with a MESH tank top in 5 different sizes,
MESH jogging pants in 7 sizes,
MESH sport shoes with resizer menu.
All MESH items includes alpha layers.
Pick it up inworld in our Mainstore or look online in SL Marketplace.

©2012 CANCOON Fashion



ISLA comes with a MESH leather jacket in 5 different sizes,
leather jacket alpha package with 8 different finishes,
a destroyed faded jeans ( modify in length ) with sculpted cuffs,
shirt in all layer options, sculpted leather belt,
MESH sunglasses with resizer menu.
All sculpt parts with resizer menu for perfect fit.
You can find it in our Mainstore or online in SL Marketplace.

©2012 CANCOON Fashion